Life Group : Flew the Coop : Sunday 5:30 PM

DEMOGRAPHIC: Empty Nesters or Near Empty Nesters GROUP FOCUS: Spiritual Growth LOCATION: Urbana/Vinton/Independence MEETING TIME: 5:30 PM, 2nd & 4th Sundays LEADER: Cliff & Tina Mohling, Rick & Shelly Rustad [email protected], 319-361-7809 Our kids are grown and gone and we need each other. We love to discuss Scripture and the… Read More

Life Group : Married Couples : Sunday 5:30 PM

DEMOGRAPHIC: Married Couples GROUP FOCUS: Marriage/Family LOCATION: NE Cedar Rapids MEETING TIME: 5:30 PM, every other Sunday LEADER: Pastor Jonathan & Laura McElhenny [email protected], 615-981-9823 We are passionate about helping families make connections that become life long friendships. We need one another to help navigate the raw and honest parts… Read More

Life Group : The Chosen/Discipleship : Sunday 5 PM

DEMOGRAPHIC: Married Couples GROUP FOCUS: Marriage/Family LOCATION: NE Cedar Rapids MEETING TIME: 5:00 PM Sunday LEADER: Eric & Andrea Palmer [email protected], 319-329-4559 615-981-9823 We will watch an episode of The Chosen, a TV series depicting Jesus and the disciples on screen. We unpack the topics in each episode for an… Read More

Life Group : Chi Alpha : Sunday 7PM

DEMOGRAPHIC: Co-ed College/Young Adults GROUP FOCUS: Spiritual Growth GROUP LOCATION: Marion MEETING TIME: 7PM, 3rd Sunday of every month GROUP LEADER: Raechelle & Keith Krawza, [email protected] This is our co-ed large group for college students and young adults. It’s a great time to worship together, hear a challenging word from… Read More

Life Group : Biblical Answers : Sunday 10 AM

DEMOGRAPHIC: Senior Adults LOCATION: CR First Room 125 LEADER: Pastor Rick Gail [email protected], 319-393-6353 Mostly senior adults attend this group, but all are welcome! This is a chance to get to know people. It is an opportunity to discuss issues and topics that come up in our every day lives… Read More

Youth LG : Transit : Sunday 4 PM

DEMOGRAPHIC: Middle School, 6-8th Grade, Co-ed GROUP FOCUS: Spiritual Growth LOCATION: CR First Coffee Shop MEETING TIME: 4-6 PM every other Sunday LEADERS: Steve Jellison, Emma Jellison, Kayla Johnson [email protected] This group offers students an opportunity to hangout with other students their age while eating some good food and growing… Read More